Favorite Things

1. Pure Barre.  I’ll admit it, I’m addicted to some LTB. I’m WELL on my way to the 100 Club.  

2. Short Sleeve Hoodies.  Stick with me here – they are the perfect post-workout cover up for the Spring/Summer months.  I can throw them on over my sweaty top and run into Harris Teeter for the two things I always need from the grocery store.

3. My new iMac.  Love.  It’s just so big and pretty!

4. CSA.  See my last post.  It’s pretty fun.

5. My cute little town.  It’s small, but SO ahead of itself – awesome Farmer’s Market, Food Trucks, restaurants, free concerts, Baseball Games, shopping.  I love it.  And I love living and working so close to the action!

6. Jack Rogers.  In the last Nordstrom sale (ugh, so dangerous), I found TWO pairs that were half price…a pair of silver flats, and a 2″ black wedge.  They’re both awesome.  After the quick break-in period (silly me, shouldn’t wear them to walk MILES the first time…), they are now super comfortable.  I don’t care that everyone has them – I like them.

7.  Kate Spade.  My favorite.  I have a bit of a Kate Spade problem.

8. Rearranging furniture.  One would think that since I moved from a house (sadness!) into a much smaller apartment, that I wouldn’t have enough space to constantly rearrange my furniture/decor anymore.  On the contrary…just tonight, I created a little office area for myself behind the couch. I’m sure this isn’t the end of it.

9. West Elm bedding.  I’m on my third duvet cover (in 4 years?).  It’s a bit of a disease. With good reason though – I had a Navy blue duvet, then moved and painted my new walls navy blue…so the duvet had to go.  I went with white this time – loving the white bedroom.

10.  San Diego. I’ve spent SO much time there over the years, but it’s never enough! I’m definitely an East Coast Girl, but I love wandering Coronado, eating out in Gaslamp, and spending money in Fashion Valley.  Time to plan another SD trip!


Favorite Things from 2012

In no particular order:

1.  Hanging with my underage cousins at family holiday meals and ordering Shirley Temples by the pitcher.

2. Black nail polish.  It’s probably SO 5 years ago, but it’s my go-to color.

3. My new Rebecca Minkoff Wallet-On-A-Chain (courtesy of TJMaxx, of course).  It’s brilliant – a cross-body bag with a detachable chain – wallet or clutch – that is big enough to hold all of my wallet essentials plus an iPhone, lip gloss, and keys.

4. Chocolate-covered Graham Crackers from Whole Foods.  Enough said.

5. Whole Foods.  There is a new one in my town, and I’m in love.

6. Paint and Wine classes.  This girl is NOT an artist…but I managed to pull out a pretty decent “Starry Night” in a few hours, and it encouraged me to tackle some more DIY artwork.

7. Hummus.  Quite possibly my favorite food group. I love it homemade, from a swanky food store, or from a back alley in the Middle East.  The back alley Middle Eastern hummus probably being the best.

8. Hawaii.  I’m not even a huge beach/bathingsuit/sun girl, I just love wandering Waikiki in a sundress and drinking Lava Flows on the back porch at Duke’s.

9. Zella athletic gear. Comfiest and warmest hoodie ever.

10. Calvin Klein 2″ black wedges – I have finally my perfect shoe.

Happy New Year!