Hi there.

Thanks for stopping by! I’ve thought about doing this many times (ha, you can see my archives date back to 2012!!), but here I am, ready for you!

Be it well. Be what well? Be you well. Anything you are and want to be, be it well. That’s the mantra of this whole thing, and that’s what I strive for in my daily life. I’m excited to share my daily life with you, and the little ways I try to “be it well.” This blog will show you my love of many things: Kate Spade purses, home (apartment) decorating, MBA studying, Pure Barre classes, Whole 30 eating, 1/2 marathon training, chocolate milkshake drinking, Beautycounter products (user & consultant!), and clean living…and lots more. I’m not perfect, but always trying to be better and be it well, and I’m here to share that with you. Oh yeah – and I’m wedding planning and ready to marry my guy this November!