Get Shit Done

This is a work in progress.  The whole “Make it Happen” thing.  Google Calendar rules my life – in a good way – maybe I should rephrase to “I dominate Google Calendar.”  Yeah.  As in, today, I showed someone how to make an event automatically recur.  Really? We all know how to use computers these days, right? I thought so.

Here are my best tips for making things happen:

– make a list

– get motivated by checking things off the list!!

– realize that there are MANY tasks that will take just 5 minutes of your time – folding laundry, unloading the dishwasher, picking up a room.  Take the 5 minutes.

Here’s what my life looks like right now:

– 3 loads of (clean) laundry spread all over my couch (don’t worry, they’re towels and workout clothes….because that’s pretty much all I use these days)

– dirty dishes in the sink!

– my “free sample” collection of makeup/skin products is out of CONTROL!

– instead of sleeping (after a long day, which included a 6 AM Pure Barre class), I’m blogging.

But yeah – it’s a daily thing.  Get shit done.  Make stuff happen.  My schedule for tomorrow is packed, and I’m really just looking forward to checking things off my list, and getting baby steps closer to organization.


Lessons Learned

When your iMac shows you a note that says “you haven’t backed up your computer in 59 days”… BACK UP YOUR COMPUTER.

New Year’s (a few days later…)

2014. I did SO MUCH, yet so little as compared to years past. Or maybe it was just SO different that it seems like less when it was really more? That may not actually make sense to anyone, but I’m definitely still trying to wrap my head around it.

One thing I realized this year – I need to stop sliding through life and actually MAKE goals for myself – and then make plans to make things happen. I suppose I’ve always done this – but in a slapdash-make-it-happen way, and I want to be more intentional.

So, things I accomplished in 2014:
– Moving
– Making new friends!
– Getting entirely out of my comfort zone in my new job
– One post-bacc class complete!
– Ran my first 1/2 marathon!
– Traveled (Florida, DC, Virginia)
– Started writing (and doing) a 101 in 1001 list

Things to DO in 2015:
– Be intentional with my time on a daily basis
– Set and reassess goals throughout the year
– Continue to organize and purge my apartment
– Quality over quantity when shopping!
– Solidify my long-term career goals
– Take 3 post-bacc courses
– Make exercise a priority (Pure Barre and Running – training plans!)
– Travel (San Diego trip planned for the summer!)
– Read books
– Less Whole Foods salad bar (and who are we kidding, pizza-by-the-slice) and more home cooking and packed lunches!!!
– Work towards being the healthiest version of myself