CSA for the Win!

In my attempt to be greener (seriously), eat healthier, and really just become a member of my cute little town, I joined a CSA for the month. This is big – I’ve never really been a Farmer’s Market person, and I’m also pretty predictable in the vegetable aisle. But what the hell, might as well try new things, right?

So far, it’s been pretty cool. Every Monday night, I get an email telling me what veggies I’ll pick up the next day. The email gives a short update on the farm as well as a recommended recipe or two. The first week, I had a friend in town, and the “Scarlet Queen Red Turnips” turned into a salad.  Amazing.  These weirdo turnips have been in every box since then (week 3 and counting), and I’ve made the salad two more times – it’s good stuff.  Then again, if you put feta and lemon on anything, I’ll think it’s good stuff.

Tonight, I got ambitious.  My fridge was full of veggies and I decided I wanted coconut rice.  I used to live overseas, and there was an Asian restaurant that made the most AMAZING coconut rice.  I would go there, and order some random curry dish just to get the coconut rice.  For some reason, I hadn’t tried to recreate it at home yet – so tonight was the night.  I ran off to the grocery store for a few more essentials, and discovered that my Whole Foods doesn’t stock a pre made green curry sauce.  I know Trader Joe’s does, but the nearest one is not very near.  So anyway, I stood in the Asian food aisle and googled “Easy green curry”…and came up with one that was pretty much coconut milk, veggie stock, and green curry paste.  Sold.

So, coconut rice happened.  And the easy curry sauce happened (not quite as flavorful as I would’ve liked…maybe I skimped on the curry sauce?).  And CSA veggies just ended up in the pan – sweet potato, some random white turnip, young onions, kale and red pepper.  I’m a fan.  And now I have leftovers for the next few days!

And I’m sure the rest of this week’s CSA veggies will be tossed in salads…and the kale will be tossed in smoothies.  One can only get creative so often.

Green Veggie Curry and Coconut Rice


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