In my 28 years, I have already traveled around the world.  Literally.  All the way around it.  I love to to see new places.  I love to just BE in new places.  I also love returning to old favorites.  I see the world differently now than I used to.  When I was younger – high school age, maybe – I thought the rest of the world was so different.  So….foreign! (For lack of a better word).  And, it’s true.  But the one thing I have noticed in my travels is that the rest of the world really isn’t all that different from the place I call home.

No matter where you are, the skies are blue, sunsets are gorgeous, the night sky is a mystery, and the ocean goes on forever.  Nature is the great equalizer.  Sure, the desert is a little…brown.  And sandy.  And tropical locations have a few more palm trees than I’m used to.  But, it is comforting to look up at the sky and know it’s the same sky I see back home.


Sunset over Souda Bay, Crete. Photograph by Annie.


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