Packing. Or actually, thinking about packing.

I leave for ENGLAND in 2 weeks!! How crazy excited am I?  So excited, but starting to stress about packing.  I’m traveling with a friend, and we will be wandering the country (all the way from London to Edinburgh, Scotland, and back!) so packing light is a must.  Which scares me.


My darling friend suggested we go the backpack route…yikes.  For two weeks? I’m not sure I can handle that.  She has a point though.  We haven’t decided for sure yet (and neither one of us ACTUALLY owns a backpacking backpack…probably running out of time for that one), so my fallback plan is a carry-on sized roller suitcase with either my North Face backpack or my Lo and Son’s O.G. bag.  I, of course, want to be that super classy traveler who breezes through the airport with Ray Ban aviators on and a cute bag in tow…but who are we kidding the backpack is probably the best option.


As for what to bring…I think I have narrowed myself down to 4 pairs of shoes – 2 ” black Calvin Klein wedges (I’m headed to a Bachelorette party in London, gotta have <practical> heels!!), black ballet flats (AGL’s?), cute sneakers (supergas), and a pair of flip flops.


Clothes wise…so far, I have a super cute dress for the Bachelorette, and I’m definitely bringing my curvy Loft jean capris…and I have a few tops picked out.  Yikes.  What else am I going to wear for 2 weeks?!? I’m thinking a comfy maxi dress for the plane ride.  Other than that, I am starting from scratch!


Here’s to packing!


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