Bloggin’ it?

So, I have made the decision to start blogging more regularly.  Yay! I’m excited to share more of my interests with you!

Things to look forward to:

– travel! I have traveled all over the world already this year (or at least, a few continents), and I’ll be writing about my experiences and sharing photos

– food.  Definitely a category in itself.  Come along for the ride as I explore new recipes and cleaner eating habits (I say this after I *just* finished a bowl of Ramen…in my defense, I have a cold, and it sounded good!)

– home decorating. One of my passions – I love finding great deals and rearranging my furniture.  I don’t claim to be any good at it, but I’ll let photos do the talking ;).

– favorites.  This covers all kinds of stuff – clothes, makeup, products, stores, gym classes, you name it, I’ll talk about it.