Home Improvement

A while back, I decided to do SOMETHING home improvement related every day.  I was sick of just putting off projects and waiting for “free time” which I never found.  I decided I would do something daily, however small it was.  I haven’t quite kept up with that, but I’ve definitely been keeping up with the spirit…so here’s what I’ve been up to lately:

I fell in LOVE with black interior doors (thank you, blogs and pinterest).  And what’s paint? So, yesterday, after hitting the gym, I stopped by Sherwin Williams and picked up a (huge) sample size of the one paint color I’d kept reading about – SW Tricorn Black.  Then I painted my coat closet door.  Success.  LOVE IT.  So I painted the inside of my front door.  LOVE IT EVEN MORE! I stopped there (other weekend things to do, of course), but now I am DYING to paint the rest of my interior doors black.  The entrance way, which leads into the living room/dining room only has those two doors in it, so it looks cohesive enough for me to leave it and be happy for a bit – but right beyond them are the laundry room, 1/2 bath, garage, and master bedroom doors – so that’s going to be a fun day of painting (sometime soon!!).

I have a few college girlfriends coming in next weekend, so that has also motivated me to clean and reorganize and…style.  Hanging curtains in the spare bedroom, shuffling things around on shelves, etc.  I also need to do some paint touch up on the master bedroom ceiling – thanks to a craaazy rainstorm last week, some water got in through the stove vent (I think?) and created a little puddle in the ceiling.  Oh to be a homeowner.