Favorite Things from 2012

In no particular order:

1.  Hanging with my underage cousins at family holiday meals and ordering Shirley Temples by the pitcher.

2. Black nail polish.  It’s probably SO 5 years ago, but it’s my go-to color.

3. My new Rebecca Minkoff Wallet-On-A-Chain (courtesy of TJMaxx, of course).  It’s brilliant – a cross-body bag with a detachable chain – wallet or clutch – that is big enough to hold all of my wallet essentials plus an iPhone, lip gloss, and keys.

4. Chocolate-covered Graham Crackers from Whole Foods.  Enough said.

5. Whole Foods.  There is a new one in my town, and I’m in love.

6. Paint and Wine classes.  This girl is NOT an artist…but I managed to pull out a pretty decent “Starry Night” in a few hours, and it encouraged me to tackle some more DIY artwork.

7. Hummus.  Quite possibly my favorite food group. I love it homemade, from a swanky food store, or from a back alley in the Middle East.  The back alley Middle Eastern hummus probably being the best.

8. Hawaii.  I’m not even a huge beach/bathingsuit/sun girl, I just love wandering Waikiki in a sundress and drinking Lava Flows on the back porch at Duke’s.

9. Zella athletic gear. Comfiest and warmest hoodie ever.

10. Calvin Klein 2″ black wedges – I have finally my perfect shoe.

Happy New Year!